Talking denim with SLVRLAKE


Talking denim with SLVRLAKE

Purveyors of the essential, LA-based SLVRLAKE are serious about denim. From double-denim and the return of the low-rise, to the techs and specs of timeless denim, we sat down with co-founder Louise Edgley to discuss the ins and outs of SLVRLAKE.
How do you describe the open weave technique and its role in creating a signature look for SLVRLAKE? Across the collection we offer five unique fabrications. Our signature pure cotton  fabric is Italian made and is G.O.T.S. certified which is the highest organic standard. This unique fabric has the aesthetic of a vintage rigid denim while remaining luxuriously soft and enables us to achieve the most authentic vintage washes.

What is it about denim that is so enduring and classic? Having so much versatility style-wise, do you see denim garments as investment piece? A high quality, great fitting pair of jeans is at the core of a well function wardrobe. There is no harder working garment that gets better with age! Once you find a silhouette or wash that you love, invest in a second pair… you will only regret not doing it when they are no longer available.

A high quality, great fitting pair of jeans is at the core of a well function wardrobe.

Louise Edgley - Co-Founder SLVRLAKE

What do you think about reimagining the concept of “double denim” in 2023 - Rather than just denim as a staple, but making it the feature of the look? Double denim never goes out of style. This effortless look is revisited this season with  a play on proportions with shrunken tees paired with the new wide leg silhouettes while oversized jackets feel modern with slim leg silhouettes. 

The wide leg aesthetic has become a style staple now. How do you encourage the client to experiment with widths and aesthetics? I’m a big believer in wearing what feels right for you, your body and what makes you  feel confident, regardless of trends. Which is why we offer a variety of silhouettes.  Stella stove pipe is great for those who’s everyday go to is a pair of skinny jeans but  looking for a fit that is more relaxed. London is still my forever jean with just the right amount of width it pairs with  everything. 

If you’re ready to take a dive into wider silhouettes, Grace is a timeless classic, Eva is  the ultimate leg lengthening silhouette and Taylor has laid back lux appeal. 

How do you see the craftsmanship of high-quality denim in parallel to other designer garments? We are meticulous when it comes to detail, everything we do must feel authentic and  be of the highest quality standards. SLVRLAKE was several years in the making; testing and researching the best quality fabrics and washes which continues today. We took the same approach in ‘American  Made’ our iconic white tee collection, the fabric has a lived-in vintage feel and the fits  are timeless, as with our denim, it simply gets better with age.


The “low rise” look has been popular throughout different eras, particularly the  McQueen “bumster” era, what do you think will be the way to style low-rise denim in  2023? Unlike the hip hugging corsetry of denim past, new low rise’s feel elevated and  relaxed, fitting and flattering in all the right places and are just low enough. 

America is one of the major countries known for denim, how does this heritage influence your brand? All of our garments are made in Los Angeles, the home of premium denim. We work with only the very best in their field and every step of from design,  development and production is all done within just a couple of miles of our studio in  Los Angeles Arts District. This enables us to be hands on in every step of the process  and ensuring the highest quality product.  

How do you find having a niche as a designer (such as denim) does it give you clarity to focus on producing the best of that category? Launching SLVRLAKE with focus to denim enabled us to refine and perfect our craft in a fundamental garment, laying the foundations for new possibilities….. Start as you mean to go on!

Explore the latest collection by SLVRLAKE at TNT online or in-store.



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