The therapeutic power of a beautiful store is something special. You know the feeling — it comes from stepping inside a place of calm, creativity and aspiration, on a soul-care day for yourself, or between coffee dates with girlfriends. The act of shopping is a salve for some of us, as we relish in the tangible, real-life feel of impeccable garments made here and afar.

When we built The New Trend Brighton boutique, elegance and unexpectedness were our guiding design forces. Today, we’re taking you behind the scenes to rehash the makings of this joyous and immersive store, and some of the treasures you’ll find there. 

The New Trend Director Vanessa Spencer is enamoured by the Blue Roma natural marble, acting as a cornerstone of the Brighton store. “Everything started from this piece, and the store was designed around it,” says Vanessa. “It’s definitely the hero of the store and such a unique and stunning piece. 

There’s also a subtle nod to vintage design of the 70’s with an touch of sophistication, earthy tones, play on textures and curves with rich velvet sofa centrepiece and built out curved archways in rendered finish.”

 In terms of furnishings and finishes, the devil is in the details. Just like the sublime apparel hanging in-store, we wanted the elements of our Brighton space to reflect expert craftsmanship and timeless, considered style. Some standout features range from an impressive Lucy Montgomery plaster floor mirror, through to curved, cloud seating and custom plinths.

For Vanessa, charm radiates from “the built out archways, all the way down to the small details with the gold squiggle hooks and racks in fitting rooms and curved edges in marble console. Every piece placed in here was thoughtfully considered, subtly dramatic in its own right but functional at its core. Merchandising of the store is paramount to The New Trend, driven by seasonal colour stories and themes in modern dressing. 

It’s through mixing our designersgarments and accessories with other likeminded labels that we tell a broader fashion story, and that’s the beauty of having a physical floor to play with. 

The New Trend is proud to work with an amazing assortment of local and international designer brands, and edit these collections to work in harmony with each other so the store presents in a very cohesive story. 

Some style stalwarts you’ll caress and dress-up in at Brighton include Isabel Marant, Chloé, Bottega Veneta, Christopher Esber, Ulla Johnson, Esse, Dion Lee, SLVRLAKE, Agolde, Alémais, SIR, Nili Lotan and A.L.C, to name a few.

“We wanted our clients to walk in and immediately be impressed by the drama of the store but also feel the warmth of the space. The idea ultimately was to create a beautiful arena that doesn’t only hero our product, but invites customers to feel good whilst shopping. It was important to make the space light, bright and uplifting.”

Vanessa Spencer

Brand Director

Builder - Able (@able_melbourne)
Flooring - Kustom Timber (@kustomtimber)
Marble - Signorino Tile Gallery (@signorinotilegallery)
Floor leaning plaster mirror - Lucy Montgomery (@lucy.m.montgomery)
Custom glass mirror - Cienne Design (@ciennedesign)
Velvet Sofa - Sarah Ellison (@sarahellisonstudio)
Faux shearling occasional chair - Sarah Ellison (@sarahellisonstudio)
Changeroom plinths - Cienne Design (@ciennedesign)
Changeroom mirror custom - Cienne Design (@ciennedesign)